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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pride and Service

Often there is a very blurred line between pride and service. The latter easily and subtly becomes the offshoot of the former. Often, it is difficult to do good things from pure motives. Sometimes, we are not aware that we only want our strengths highlighted in our acts of service to others, our ideals come to life in our words of encouragement, our need for appreciation channeled through our charity.

Often, our ends and means come from a selfish intention and often, we are blind to it.

However, the grace of God envelopes this line and in due time - in a time, He deems ripe, He makes these tendencies known to us and if in humility we accept it, He is able to change our hearts so that our good works are not mere offshoot of our human frailty, but become simply the overflow of a heart that delights in and is at peace with Him - the God who knows we are not perfect, but loves us so much, he continually shapes our hearts.

-JCR (Feb. 12, 2011)

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