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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Poem after the Storm, Ondoy

My poem to God after the storm, Ondoy:

Thank you for this wonderful life

The thought of you when I awake in the morning

gives me a secure feeling that tells me

I am delightful and beautiful

and nothing shall happen that you and I can't handle..

With you in my heart, I don't need to pretend

I only need to allow you to bring out the best in me..

When I come to you in prayer,

I just need to be myself and come like a child...

With you in my life, everything is innocent...

Every happy moment is clean and liberating...

Life becomes a celebration..

Because of your goodness and love that overflows from within me,

I feel wooed by the heavens...

With this overwhelming truth, I feel that a huge force,

an unfathomable being such as yourself is delighted in a grain of sand

such as myself...

You have established a connection between Your heart and mine

and You have always been there in my every state...

Pain, Anguish, Confusion..

Your words are incomparable..

They were what put me to sleep through that dark, stormy night

Even with fear, sirens and shouts of people brought,

Your words of comfort were louder yet gentler in my ears...

And tears rolled down my cheeks,

not because I was scared

but because You were there...

You took all my fears away..

Your warm presence with me

made me forget I was hungry...

Your embrace made me feel full...

You are that patient, persistent lover that woos me everywhere...

You know just when to tell me things,

when to make me listen

and when you should keep silent and let me talk...

You don't shut me off even when I express

confusion, irritation, anger, disappointment to you in prayer...

You are that caring, protective, loving Father

that makes me feel good about myself,

about being a woman

It is your affirming presence that challenges me to do things...

and to make sure I'm making the right decisions

Whenever I make bad ones,

it is You who orchestrates things for my good again...

You are my Lord, my God,

my best friend, my Father

and I treasure and cherish you in my heart...

"I love you" is an understatement..

Let alone "You love me"...



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