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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Woman on Train

Sitting on a train, mindless, my attention got caught by the sudden yell of a woman, calling out for the train door to be opened. She obviously was not able to get off when she had to.

"Tell the guard to open the door! Tell the guard to open the door!"

She was persistently screaming out in a rather comic way, every one there, including myself started laughing.

I have been riding trains for many years and that was the first time I saw somebody beg so desperately.

When the train door is shut to one's face, the most normal reaction is nothing but a sigh. Not that woman. She didn't care. She yelled to the top of her lungs. She made herself seen and heard.

The train had left but stopped and the door opened. She got off. The guard scratched his head. We laughed.

Persistence opens doors, even train doors.

JCR / (February 12, 2011)

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