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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time, People, Circumstance

I realized that not knowing what others are thinking is not only a gift from heaven but God's indispensable scheme to establish order in the world and fulfill man's destiny. I can imagine how freaked out we would often be if it were otherwise. I am talking specially about the importance of that in romantic relationships. I realized the most lovers tell their partners things that one likes to hear and avoid those that are not very pleasant. If you want to see a significant angle of some truth about them or your love for each other, eavesdrop their conversation with friends or better yet, read their diary. The truth is that there are memories, special ones etched somewhere in our hearts about certain people - and the prominence of these memories, feelings vary through time. Some die down, soften; some remain alive and stay forever. And there is no one to blame for this - this is just the way life goes.

People ending up together is a mix of chance, proper timing and the right feelings - not a matter of feelings alone. Our circumstances are orchestrated by not only emotions but decisions. It is therefore a risk to ask your partner if this or that person is still special to him or her. If you really want to know, ask God. But like I said, part of living life is not knowing everything and the system demands that we should live with it. 

If you are 80 and sitting on the porch, holding hands with the one you love, remember that God put you there not by pure feelings, but also by decisions, situations that conspired together to make it happen.