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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Looking Inward

God has allowed me to be ultimately tired of doing things for him, to break down and stop looking at the world with my own eyes for a moment, so I could look inward and realize just how much of a broken person I am as the world where I live and which I minster to.

I have therefore come to realize that in order for me to truly and sincerely be compassionate about the brokenness of the world, it is vital that I do not only look outward to the world, but look inside of me at the same time...

And there I have found that my own wounds and brokenness are worth ministering to.. that they are a part of the issues of the world.. that as I minister, I must be ministered to. As I become an instrument of healing, I myself must cling to the source of healing - to the God who has not only called me into service for my strength, but more so for my weakness.

When I am weak, His power becomes stronger in me.

-JCR (May 18, 2009)

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