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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My 10-minute Essay About One-way Love

by Jill Christianae on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 11:14pm

Loving someone without the guarantee that he/she is ever going to love you back is one of the biggest risks any person has to take in life. This is because Love is an expensive thing to give. First of all, to contradict my previous statement, it is not just a thing, it is an emotion, a sacrifice that would require one to give so much.

If we are talking about an unconditional love, loving without expecting to be loved in return may be too ideal, but is the way to go. You love simply because you think you should and not only because your emotion drives you to do so.

Loving the other person in a one-way set-up has to include the factor of preparing yourself to let go which means that you are not bound to any expectation the other person may not meet.

Remember, it is an unrequited love.. a selfless love.. therefore, it is extravagant, adventurous, overflowing, humble and most of all, liberating..

But before talking about loving others, we have to think of what love really is. Love is not only a feeling. It is a responsibility. It is therefore bound by certain rules and certain laws. Loving someone in some specific level while breaking certain rules of this life, is therefore a questionable manner of loving someone.

We should not only love without expecting anything return. We have to love others in the right way and make sure that the love that we have for and show to them will be for their best interest.

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