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Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Year 2010

"Lord, thank you for proving to me this year that you bless me simply because I am your child and that you are a good God. It has indeed been a fabulous year with You. I love you..."
On the onset of this year, I asked God to bless me and the following are the ways He answered:

1. I had a great summer vacation with the Sebastian family and my family in Bohol.
2. I started a lifestyle of wellness and lost 21 lbs. not because of stress, but by being healthy.
3. I established new friendships (Jessica, Chelly).
4. I saw the fruit of my personal ministry through PNU-Campus Crusade for Christ in the lives of Irene, Grace, Andrew, Tesa, Kat, Joana.
5. My brother-in-law, my brother, my sister-in-law will have a better job soon.
6. Another brother of mine is becoming serious with his studies.
7. Visiting Kuya Lando and Ate Hazel's house in Cavite and staying with the Sebastian family has been a blessing to me.
8. I have established healthy friendships with men who have expressed special interest in me.
9. I made it through my off campus life that was at first, depressing to me. I learned deep insights about my personal calling. I was also given the opportunity to do a return teaching demo twice and will do another one next year.
10. I am preparing to go somewhere where I could share the love of Christ.
11. My life in college has been great. I have seen changed lives through CCC and despite the stress, I am enjoying my studies, especially my Literature classes :)
12. By God's grace, I am graduating soon :)

Praise God! To Him be all the glory, honor and praise!

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