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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Aunt Died Last Night

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 9:56am

My aunt died last night.

The moment I knew this, I started remembering our few moments together: nothing very intimate, often small talks, how she could cook delicious ampalaya minus the bitter taste and how she would love to receive love quotes through SMS from me.

I am a very busy person when it is not summer or Christmas. Ask my classmates and they will describe to you the sleepless nights we spend beating deadlines. If I can send text messages to anyone, it is either I need things badly: money, prayers or people to talk with or I am accountable for and to some people and I haven’t talked to them for months.

Every time I come home and see her in family gatherings, I am reminded of her desire to receive love quotes from me.

Now that she is dead, I wonder whether I had been too busy with trivial matters, I failed to do the more important ones. My aunt died and I am very sad not only because I can’t see her anymore, but because I will never know how her life really went, and what it might have become had I spent a few seconds, and a peso every day to check her out and make her smile with my love quotes.

To NANG HAYLEN, I love you.. I wish I had told you this while I still could.

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