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Friday, February 5, 2010

Manila Tricycles and Bohol Tricycles

Riding on a tricycle in Manila reminds me so much of the tricycles back home.

I could not understand why tricycles have to be tilted that way with seats so low, your knees almost hit your chin and you have to slide your body a little to the front, make sure your bag is not caught by some sharp, rusty metal before it's safe to get off. Because of the small space inside, I am pretty sure plus size people have a hard time getting on and off tricycles like these. Isn't that discriminating? I also think it very unsafe for tricycles to not have wind shields in front and at the back.

What if it rains? Or some sharp thing from some larger automobile hits the front or the back?

I also do not understand why some tricycles do not have a roof for the driver. Aren't they scared of sun burn? Or to catch cold in case it rains?

Because they are in Manila, of course, Manila tricycles charge higher - even if it means getting off with torn pants or a lost cellphone (because of the tilt).

Bohol Tricycles are bigger. The seats are not tilted and have good distance from the ground, you simply have to turn your legs to the right to get off without bending so low. Both the driver and the passenger sides have roofs and all tricycles have windshields: front and back. There is even a compartment at the back, you could put baggage in. All tricycles are also required to paint a food for thought or a Bible verse on the tricycle's exterior that people get encouraged seeing them. Because they are in the province, they don't charge high: P6 - even if you are alone. And you will be taken right at your doorstep.

I wish Manila tricycles would improve in the future, so that our grandparents do not have to worry about back pains, plus size people about getting on and off, and drivers getting wet in the rain or experiencing heat stroke.

JCR - 02/04/2010

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  1. I especially like that bohol tricycles all have Godly messages on it. :)