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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hide and Seek

Where is your horse that I may ride with you?
Your armor that I may hide behind it?

Won't you whisper poetry of love to my ear?
At noon while you sit under a tree and my head is laid on your lap?

Won't you pick me flowers and
make me smell the beauty of your affection?

At your courts, my Lord
I will walk to you, showering
petals of my devotion...

I will break jars of alabaster
and wipe your feet with my mane...

For my honor is my crowning glory...
My heart for you, my life
My life for you, my heartbeat

Should I look and behold your face?
or not for I will not contain it...
Would you touch my hair
with the tip of your finger?
Or not for I will wail...

Will I jump upon seeing you?
Will your voice sing to me
and make me sleep with a smile?
Tell me now, my Lord
where to be with you

And I will prepare thee beds of roses...
and perfume your robe with my very life
Tell me where you are
or should I wait for your seeking?


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