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Friday, July 1, 2011

On the Clouds

It is one of those days when everything has conspired together to make me arrive at an insight - one that will change my life forever. 

"God's plans for me are beyond my highest hopes, my highest dreams and aspirations. They are beyond the works of my hands, the fruit of my labor, even my desires and expectations."

The thesis statement is discovered and the sountrack is played - 'You Have Made Me Glad' by Hillsong. 

Things start to make sense. I have stepped on a stone I know will hold my weight above the water. My head is finally above it. A day like this is often the fruit of a time of waiting and a seed for something good. God, in His infinite goodness always makes all things work together for the good of His children but sometimes we are not able to experience it because we have given up in the process - we have grown tired of waiting. It's like waiting for our favorite movie to get downloaded and halfway, we give up and we lose the chance of watching it. 

Life is full of waiting. For a time, nothing seems to be taking place. I was on a plane once and I looked out the window watching the clouds that looked the same for a long time, as if the plane had stopped in mid air. Feeling stagnant can be scary - you wonder what's wrong. But the truth is - we were really moving. It did not seem so but I simply had to believe it. We landed and so we had been moving. 

Sometimes, events and people just pass before our eyes and we wonder what our place in the world is. To find one's niche in life is pulling ourselves together - taking a deep breath and going for it - believing that there is more to the clouds, the same old clouds.

-JCR (04/14/2011)

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