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Friday, June 3, 2011

Even When He Already Knows

When by His grace, God has drawn us to Himself, He welcomed us into His family and made us His children – and He means it when He says we are His children. “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name.” (John 1:12)

Being the perfect God that He is, He is the perfect father – the ideal one you could imagine Him to be, and even beyond that. God is the perfect father who is into a lot of things every day but in his omnipotence, He never gets busy and there is no limit to what He could do. In his omnipresence, He could be healing a sick person at one place in the world and simply having a casual conversation with another on the other side.

God is a loving father and one of His love languages is conversation – any kind. It can even be one with a heated argument with you and Him – yes, you can argue with God. He does not get threatened by our anger, our questions – He knows all of them even before we tell Him anyway. God appreciates an honest expression of disappointment in Him even more than a pretentious act of devotion. But He continues to reach out even to the hypocritical and to the all-hearing but never understanding. How much more to those He already called?
God delights in spending time with His children. In a time with Him, we need not come with anything to say.. We might not even know what to say – but with two hearts at home with each other, sometimes silence is the best language.

Sometimes, God only wants our time – to simply be aware of His presence, His goodness, faithfulness and love for us. That’s all.

God wants to hear of our heartaches, our disappointments, our simple joys, our confusions, our plans, our simple expressions of delight. In His omniscience, technically, we do not need to tell Him – but it is not a technical relationship that we have with Him – but a personal one. Heart to heart. This is something that goes beyond religion – something only a relationship, a genuine one does.

God wants us to sit at His feet – for Him to affirm us, to renew our belief that we belong to Him and that our security rests in Him – the God who is all-powerful, all-present and all-knowing, but who wants to spend time (regular time) listening to what we have to say even when He already knows.

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