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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Lord Has Heard

The Lord has heard my unspoken bitterness,
has made me look at His face
and behold everlasting love and favor..

His glorious face, glowing
is before my eyes heavy with unshed tears..

He now envelopes me in His arms and
my heart is so near His,
I can hear our hearts talking..

My heart is tongue-tied..
My tears are finally shed,
tears of sorrow, but now with joy
as I rest in His arms..

The Lord has lifted up my bowed head,
has listened to my silence,
has given words to my quiet yells of complaints...

We now stare at each other,
and only because He gave His life for me
I am made worthy to do so with Him...

He has heard my sighs I hid from everyone
He has seen my frown and tears behind my laughters
In my silence, He has watched intently

Our hearts have spoken
and that's more than enough..

His presence has been a surprise..
a lover at a doorstep..

He has proven His love
and has given His blessings...

This time, Not by the things He gave but
by those He didn't..

Not by those He made me keep
but those He withheld..

-JCR (07/06/2011)