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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Free to Love

I am free
free to love as never before
throwing open
windows and doors
rejoicing in my wholeness
I see clearly
as I run with purpose
choosing the right road
no longer stumbling
over my own neediness
I move
even paced
head high
shoulders back
heart firmly in place
making choices with my head
not from my heart
ignoring the demands of the flesh
I stretch my spirit
and respond to God's voice
running eagerly
toward His instruction
caught up in His potent promises
I am bound to Him
a willing love slave
yet freer than I've ever been
finding the lost pieces of myself
I foolishly gave to others
casting pearls before the swine
once weeping
over the trampled pieces of my heart
I am now restored to give again
to one more deserving...

I discover I am
lost in Him
only to be found in the truth
stronger than ever
ready to love better
because now I have more to give
and I will give
and only at His leading
and in that understanding
I rest
I fly
I am free!

- Michelle McKinney Hammond (What to Do Until Love Finds You)

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