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Thursday, November 1, 2012

On Dragon City

KJ, my 10 year old nephew is crazy about Dragon City. No he's not crazy, he is obsessed. He would attempt to wake up at 1 AM just to collect some reward or do whatever he can to be another step closer to getting a better dragon. Now I'm rolling my eyes. I have to remind him that there is life beyond it and I'd be happier to take him to a zoo full of dragons than let him play in the middle of the night. 

Hearing him share his achievements in the game is like hearing a politician sharing a vision. Once, I found him youtubing about drgaons while listing on a tiny piece of paper the dragons he desires to possess.

What a passion. 

I wish it was somebody else's who has the power to change the world. I wish it was not to achieve something in the virtual realm, but in the real one. I wish his diligence were of those who have been called to fulfill a good purpose. I wish KJ would not only be crazy about dragons in cyberspace but would be a dragon himself in real life - one that would fight to get rewards, to work to become better. 

I hope someday, he will play games to ultimately win in life, not to forget it and build his own.

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