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Friday, October 14, 2011

Life with You

Life with You is not always a mat on a meadow,
but at times a hanging bridge between two high mountains
Not a storm-free journey into the wild,
but a boat unsinkable by wind and waves

Life with You is not a tearless pursuit,
or a smooth road deprived of danger
it is a jump from a plane with just the wind for support
or a boat ride in the midst of a storm

With you, I'm a Fiona you would free from the tower
a Rapunzel you would die for
at the same time a Joan of Arc or Queen Elizabeth I
you would send to battle

You let life remain unsafe
yet you don't cease to be my fortress
I am not immuned to pain and danger
but my hope in You gives it a lot of sense

Life isn't always nice but You said 
"Cheer up! I have overcome the world."
And that makes all the difference...

-JCR (10/14/2011)

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