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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One Step Forward

People go through life often mindless. Our head often hurts and think what we need is aspirin - to shun the noise, to relieve the pain. We watch a movie or a series of movies to achieve resolution - to mend the unresolved issues of life. Still we get off the couch and let go of the popcorn bowl restless, troubled and hurt. We play games and try to win them - to virtually turn our defeats into victories, to make ourselves believe that there is such thing as winning and it's within grasp. We plug phones into our ears - regardless of the bacteria build up, we feel urged to listen to music; in fact, any sound to fill the silence. 

Thanks to technology, we can now hear many voices at the same time. A post, a tweet, a video, a text, a call, an email. Gone are the days when it's hard to reach out. We reach out because we feel lost. 

We reach out but still we feel alone. We are lost in the midst of our friends' laughters. We are empty in the midst of the haste. We are shock absorbers of everyday failures, of unmet expectations, of relentless family feuds, of unjust government leaders - of the cruel side of life. 

Perhaps what we need is a time to get away - to escape for awhile and stop hearing voices, even those of whom we know so well. Perhaps we are taking mere aspirin for cancer and we don't even know it. Maybe what we need is a time to hear nothing - nothing but natural noise: footsteps, falling twigs or fruit on the roof and dogs barking. Perhaps what we need is a time to take a long shower, eat alone or cherish the smell of our favorite cologne. 

Many of us end up at a dead-end not because we were too lazy to get going, but that we didn't take time to realize if our path is right. 

Many of us can't make another step forward not because we stopped but because we didn't. 

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