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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Choose well

Choose the one you will enter wedlock with
The one you will love forever..
For into this path,
There is no turning back
No u-turns, no pit stops
For the word: ‘Leave your father and mother and you will be one’ is true
You will be ONE
His character will blend with yours
Your habits will influence his
Your mindsets will merge and find a common place to settle
If they cannot agree, they will clash
No ONENESS can happen and you are better off alone
Your ways will fit together like puzzle pieces..
Like coffee and hot water
Water and water color
Oil and canvas
You and him as ONE will form another force, another personality, another being
This oneness has the potential to make or break…
To choose is to create a future and shape destiny
To build a generation, to prepare for eternity
Choose the one you will enter wedlock with
For through good and bad times, you have to stay
Otherwise, WEDLOCK you shouldn’t have entered

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