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Friday, January 20, 2012

Going for the Less Wild Lovers

At some point in our lives, we find ourselves simply tired of being a Christian. We drag ourselves to church, refuse to talk about God and do not allow scripture to meddle in our lives. However, the thought of completely losing religion seems scary so we let God stay at the porch - near enough for emergencies but far enough for convenience. He has now become a mere Bible character, a painting on the wall or just a statue at the altar. 

The Jesus we have accepted into our lives some time ago is a stranger once again. But who could blame us? Life with Jesus is an adventure - a wild one. He does not allow that we are simply kept warm in our homes for a long time and merely get by. He takes us to wild oceans - storms and all, to rain forests and rocky mountains. We'll get wet in the rain, stumble on slippery roads, fall in pits - but for sure, He is in his sneakers walking with us - laughing with us at our slips, carrying our load when we're exhausted, letting down a rope so we could climb up from a pit - at times, he will make us stop and simply sit with him to marvel at the sunset or look at the fog or listen to the birds sing.

This is not the kind of life many people want, though. They prefer less wild lovers - those who appear stable and less surprising, those who seem to love too much, they won't ever cause pain, those who abhor changes specially those that shake the heart to the core. They hate adventure - they prefer safety. They prefer comfort. They hate intimacy.

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