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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Your DNA

What makes you tick?

Even before we were born, even before our marriages and our dream jobs was this special purpose God designed for us. It's like a DNA - it's so unique, people will know it's yours. 

We have had hints as to the need to pursue it - the way our hearts leap at a sight of nature we want to capture by painting or encapsulate the beauty it brings through words, the way our hearts get tickled by little children wide-eyed with curiosity listening to us teach or how infrastructures make us picture our version of their design and functionality.

We were made unique by God. No writer is the same with another. No construction worker could do the same task exactly the way another would.

Shakespeare is one - Chaucer is another.

You - I am unique.

What we should bring out into this world is that uniqueness. Instead of laboring on creating patterns of others for ourselves, we should put our hearts into becoming the best that we could be. 

Most of us, though, have forgotten or do not even know that we are all destined for such greatness. Most of us have settled for the second best of life. We have secured ourselves in the "patterns" the world created for us. We have neatly caged ourselves in boxes where we do not fit - others even applaud us for it.

We don't want victory - we want survival. This in itself is tragedy. Someone once said, "the most tragic thing that could happen to anyone is not dying - but dying without a purpose."

This purpose transcends our little successes; it does not come by self-actualization but by revelation (according to Rick Warren, of course); it is not synonymous to money and it cannot and shouldn't be quenched even by the most romantic love story. 

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