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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On Being Secured

Many people have spent most of their lives securing their world, building fences around their heart so that life is smooth-sailing. They spend much of their time every day making sure everything is in place and none will fall apart soon. Nothing wrong with protecting one’s self. In fact, this is one natural instinct of mankind - yet, if the act has placed an obstacle for God to intervene then such goal, however seemingly normal, is only rooted in fear, pride and disbelief.

Too much craving for control is synonymous to mistrust in what God could possibly do – not only to the circumstances of our lives, but to our hearts as well. It is saying NO to God’s invitation to come to him those who are weary and burdened and He will give them rest (Matt 11:28). It is saying NO to the Spirit of God whose presence could give peace, change minds, spark wisdom, inspire a thought and affirm one’s worth.  This world has placed so much emphasis on façades and many have put up a pretty and happy front yet deep inside are longings, loneliness and confusion. We live in such a broken world that people try to make things happen to make their lives look normal.

I have watched Episode 1 of the series, the Desperate Housewives. One character there named Bree is a control freak, though everybody knows it except her. She’s also an alcoholic but she would just attend AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) sessions to prove that she was being a good parent.

Most people in the world are like Bree. They go through life controlling facades. They tend their gardens well; their house is clean and they are even known to be “good” neighbors. But inside their homes are broken lives and relationships. What Bree is guilty of is pride. She has shielded her heart from vulnerability – and if I may say from God’s desire to touch her life. I wonder if someone has ever told her about Christ – about His love that changed many lives for the better, including mine. The sad thing about people like her is their unawareness or denial of their problem.

We could only secure ourselves to the extent that we know best but life will always be uncertain. There will always be sink holes, confusing crossroads and sad events that seem useless. Yet until we relinquish the control of our lives to God, the giver of real security then none of these things will make sense. Until it all boils down to God and His plans, then everything will boil down to nothing and unless God alone is enough, then nothing will ever be enough.

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  1. I love it. Mejo nakarelate ako sa ilang part. Keep on writing.