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Thursday, May 17, 2012

On Gay Marriage and Manny Pacquiao

I have just recently known that Manny Pacquiao was banned from entering a mall somewhere in Hollywood: The Grove to be specific after making a remark against gay marriage, specifically Obama's move for it. This is the link to the source. I don't mean to sound clicheish but no other way to say it. This is a free world. Just as gays and lesbians can dress the way they want to in some countries, so can and should people like Manny Pacquiao voice out their opinions freely without fear of being banned from malls or badmouthed merely for an opinion. 

If truth is relative as some people would claim then this has to apply to ALL. If there is such thing as gay rights, there is also such thing as freedom of speech. If banning a gay from a mall is violating gay rights and is outright human discrimination, then banning a heterosexual from a mall is also violating rights: freedom of speech, for this matter. 

Had Pacquiao slapped a gay simply because he's gay, then I would agree he should be banned. But he just spoke out an opinion. If we are judged by every opinion we have, nobody can enter malls anymore. 

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