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Saturday, November 12, 2011

There's More to It

DISCLAIMER: This article conforms to the belief that sex is intended only for married people.

Sigmund Freud, a popular psychologist and the father of psychoanalysis would say that man’s drives are all driven by the libido – in other words, whatever one says or does, it all boils down to his or her sexuality. I respect Freud and I believe in his other theories (and you will even find the word, ‘sublimate’ in this article). In my observation of humanity, however, I found this one to be untrue. Of course, I don’t deny the relation between the libido and other aspects of being human – but what I discovered instead was that if one is not vigilant and self-controlled, his or her dreams and aspirations can easily reduce themselves to mere expressions of sexuality.
When I speak of dreams and aspirations, I speak of human’s unique dreams – his or her desire to be the best that he or she could be and ultimately make a difference in other people’s lives and contribute to make the world a better place. In my membership to an organization inclined to talking with people (even strangers) heart-to-heart, I have realized that everyone wants to achieve something great – be it a simple help for a family member or an entire community, or a desire to change the world in some way. Such dreams are gifts from above and every day ought to be a way to achieve them, or an endeavour one-step nearer to its reality. Many, however, would opt for the second best in life – forget about this and pursue easier ways to enjoy life. They have become slaves of their sexual energy and not masters of it.
Sexual energy that manifests itself in sexual desires is a part of the whole energy that is intended for one to achieve his or her purpose. It is never a separate compartment in a person’s life. It is not a tranquilizer or a mere pastime – it is a celebration. There is a reason why God prohibits sex out of marriage – depriving singles from enjoying it. He wants to say that there is more to life! In short, sexual energies in singles ought to sublimate creatively for more productive, helpful outputs - all part of God’s plan for them at a certain point in their lives. As God’s children, we let sexual desires sublimate this way - to please God and to fulfil His purpose through our lives – not the other way around.
Sex may help us forget things – even those planted deep in our hearts but it is never true that it’s all about it. We are all made for something great – larger than life itself and we should watch over it simply slipping into inferior, demonic ways.

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