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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Gift of the Moment

There are times I would make attempts to capture moments by a camera, sights such as the one I am seeing now because something tells me a beauty like that is made to be remembered and documented and therefore captured, but sometimes the gift of every moment is lost when it is shared… Sometimes moments even the most beautiful ones are better left captured only by the memory and meant only to be enjoyed at a very instance.. The gift of the moment is what happens at the very present, how it takes one’s breath away and how it opens windows to greater insight and deeper communion with one’s self and God. It is sometimes not meant to remind anyone of anything in the future, not how it might make someone else know of such experience. The gift of the moment is sometimes a secret, a beauty, meant to captivate only one – just one person.

JCR - Panglao Island Nature Resort / April 3, 2010

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